skybums 2018 quality high performance kites handmade in shropshire since 1986
skybums sale
All sale items are ex-display/ex-demo and have been flown but are all in good condition.



The Sky Bums preseason sale has now finished. There are still kites that are 2nd    
hand from a friend.    

Multi Flare (by Vertical Visuals) ripstop and dowel 1.55m span (1st row below 2nd left)

Dog kite (by Tim Benson) ripstop and dowel inc long tail 0.92m wide (1st row  below 2nd right) £40.00
Block Rok (by Dave Salmon) ripstop and dowel 1.15m tall (1st row below right) £25.00
Snow Flake (by Graham Wyle) ripstop and carbon 1.65m wide (above middle) £60.00
Facet (maker unknown) ripstop and dowel 1.2m wide (2nd row below 2nd left) £30.00
Ostend Bird 400 (by didakites) red ripstop and grp (not shown) £75.00
Heinz double v kite (maker unknown) 1.65m tall (2nd row below 2nd right) £40.00
Van Sant style delta "dragonet" (by Raindrop) 1.7m ripstop and grp (2nd row below right) £40.00
Rokkaku "Dragon Mask" (by Raindrop) 2m ripstop and dowel (1st row below left) £85.00
Ribbon Box (by Raindrop) 1m ripstop and dowel (bottom left) £50.00
Double Conyne Delta (by Raindrop) inc tails 3m ripstop and dowel (bottom middle) £85.00
Superstar box (by Prof Waldof) ripstop, carbon and dowel approx 2m (above left) £75.00
Bermuda Head Stick kite (maker unknown) ripstop and carbon inc tail (2nd row below left) £35.00
Quatro Stelli (by Mauritzio Angeletti) ripstop, dowel, carbon and grp 1.7m (bottom right) £35.00
Malay lightweight (by Vertical Visuals) ripstop and carbon 1.5m tall (above right) £45.00